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    We play everything from 60’s to modern day music with a vocal powerhouse twist.

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More About Us

Event Schedule.

Our Latest Sounds.

Below are a few videos and sound clips of our covers, so if you like what you hear, come say hello to us at a gig! We’ve recently started to record our own original songs as well so keep an eye out for our singles.

Our Services.

The Pondtunes cover a wide range of music with multiple harmonies and instrumental improvisation that make every gig unique and exciting. Our selection of music also ranges from intimate to rock-show depending on the requirements of your event. From acoustic to dance and everything in between, we have the sound you’re looking for!We love what we do and sharing our love and passion for music is our goal. If you have any song requests or would like to book us for an event, please contact us!

Night Life.

We can be booked at bars, pubs, or restaurants to draw in a crowd. Our kind of people like to party all night!

Private Events.

Book us for your event to add atmosphere and energy. We love inspiring a good time!

Emily & Mark Acoustic Duo

As an alternative to our full band of 5, Emily and Mark also play acoustically. Book them for your smaller venue! Check out their Facebook page for further information and scheduled events.

Who We Are.

The Pondtunes is a group of musically inclined friends that got together in a basement and decided to have some fun. After a few years of playing out and practicing we have developed our own fan base and sound. Locally a common name now we love what we do and have fun doing it.

Our Goal.

Our goal is to have fun every single time we play! We want our audience to dance along to their all-time favorite songs as well as some forgotten favorites mixed in and to leave with a smile on their face.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to share our love of music, inspire a good time and make your event unforgettable.

Our Story.

It all started with a night out on the town with our pond friends. Mark (Beauchmania) and Emily (Bawnsquad) were playing at the Tavern on the hill. We caught wind that a lot of our pond family were going so we all headed out to see them play. Emily and Mark love an interactive audience so after a couple of drinks we got Laura (Lau Dawg) up to sing “Alone” with them. Looking around the bar and watching everyone stop talking to listen to them sing was an absolute amazing sight to see. Everyone that was there that night will agree, the chills and goosebumps they got from their perfect harmonies were contagious. After they finished, the crowd went wild! Rockin Ron and I looked at each other and we both knew what we were thinking. We needed to continue this feeling and start a band. By the end of the night it had been official…. We had formed the band and Rockin Ron had the perfect name for it!! …And “The Pondtunes” were born.

Myself, Ron, Laura, all grew up on Johnson’s Pond in Coventry. Mark grew up with the O’s in Maryland and now resides with us on the pond. (We’re working on the O’s part!! We understand its embarrassing!!) Emily grew up in Massachusetts but currently lives in the city. We are trying everyday to get her to move to the pond as well… It’s a work in progress!!

Beauchmania having a long guitar history with previous bands including SR71 and many more, was a great fit for us as he was looking to do more acoustic work. Rockin Ron had been playing bass for a while now and was excited to add his part to the band. Rockin has also been in numerous bands and plays a wide variety of instrument including the keys, harmonica, guitar and even the voice box. I (Maty Holt), have been playing the drums and singing my whole life and have also been in numerous bands. As for the girls, Lau Dawg and Emily, It was pretty obvious that they have been singing their whole life and would be sharing the lead vocals.

After getting together to go over some songs, we had realized 2 things. 1- EVERYONE could sing and the harmonies were awesome! and 2- We had decided to stay acoustic and bring a different vibe to our pond friends and the Coventry night life as there were no bands around us with that acoustic style. Mark and Ron played the acoustic guitar and bass and I rigged up a Cajun drum with a pedal to keep a drum set feel yet still acoustic. As we started playing and getting into it we were drawn to big harmony songs as it came very natural to us. A couple of practices and we were off to the local bars where we added songs on the spot and became tighter and tighter.

Our fan base has grown significantly now and every night is a night out with our best friends. We’re not really sure where it will go from here ….but I don’t think any of us care at this point, we’re having a blast!

-Mathew Holt

Meet Our Musicians.

Emily Bawn

Lead Vocals

Laura Maine

Lead Vocals

Ron Lavoie


Mat Holt


Mark Beauchemin


the whole band
  • Had a great time last night. You guys did a great job and sounded fantastic. Encore!

    Sara Marie Swanson Fan.
  • Great time last night, you guys were Awesome !!!

    Dottie Murray Marsocci Fan.

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